Technical input Services to Milk Producers

The majority of milch animals in the co-operative ambit in Tamil Nadu are Cross-bred Jersey animals with a daily average yield of around 6.80litres per animal.

The Artificial Insemination is being carried at farmers’ doorstep with good quality semen.

The following services are being rendered to the milk producers at their doorsteps:-

  • a)Veterinary & Emergency Services
  • b)Artificial Insemination Service (AI) using High Genetic merit bull semen
  • c) Conducting infertility camps
  • d)Cattle insurance coverage
  • e)Capacity building of MPCS staff/milk producers
  • f) Supply of Quality cattle feed and mineral mixture to the milk producers
  • g)Supply of Quality fodder seeds and fodder slips to the milk producers Arranging Working capital loan under KCC.

 Providing sales incentive to society staff for the sale of the mineral mixture

To motivate the staff working in Primary Milk Co-operative societies and also to promote the sales of mineral mixture, an incentive of Rs.10 per kg is being given to the society staff for the mineral mixture sold. During the year 2021-22 a total of Rs.85.11 lakh has been given as sales incentive.

 Payment of bonus to milk producers by Milk Producers’ Co-operative societies

As a measure of sharing the profit earned by the society, 50% of profit earned by the society is ‘ploughed back’ to the member milk producers as provided in the by-laws of Milk Producers’ Co-operative Societies (MPCS) by way of dividend on share capital, patronage rebate and bonus for the value of milk supplied by them to the society.

During 2020-2021, a sum of Rs.1,111.70 lakh has been paid as bonus, Rs.9.86 lakh as dividend and Rs. 1,488.74 lakh as patronage rebate to around 2.48 lakh members of the societies.


DCMPU Training Centres
Fodder Development
The Re-structured Peraringnar Anna Co-operative Milk Producers’ Welfare Fund
Payment of incentive to milk producers by co-operative unions
Installation of Bulk Milk Coolers