Integrated Dairy Management System (IDMS)

The goal of implementing Integrated Dairy Management System (IDMS) is to computerize the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation (TCMPF) and operations of the Department, thereby improving the operational efficiency and ensuring timely service delivery to Milk Producers, Consumers and suppliers etc. This would help in elevating the service delivery standards and internal process level efficiency of the Department and to proliferate the benefits of IT enabled Governance to all the federation units located in different geographies and also to its various interfacing Department's operations. Further this would enable both the consumers of urban and producers of rural areas to avail the portfolio of services provided by the organization through ICT initiatives. This is also aimed to develop IDMS as a productized solution which will be readily replicable or deployed in other States as well.


The major objective of IDMS application is to migrate to an end-to-end completely web-based environment in order to improve quality of service through optimized services delivery by the department to the stakeholders and warrant for timely delivery of the payment to Milk Producers and milk products to consumers.

  • To harness IT to make the operations of the Department more service oriented stakeholders Build in transparency and accountability in the system to elevate the standards
  • Minimization of Turnaround Time (TAT) of services Introduction of multiple service delivery options, leveraging Information Technology
  • To remove various systemic deficiencies in the manual legacy system of operation Leverage IT for expeditious receipt and accounting of money in the Government
  • Ensuring proper budgeting of receipts and proper monitoring of ways and means Saving time in the process of accounts reconciliation through comprehensive automation, reducing human intervention to the optimal levels
  • Demystify and reengineer few non value adding areas and optimizing efficiency, comprehensive business process reengineering
  • Creation of process level interface with other co-functional units like different Departments, RBI, and SBI etc.
  • Development of a robust security infrastructure to maintain safety, authenticity confidentiality of transactions
  • Creation of an Institutional Framework for e-Governance in the Department
  • Simplification and streamlining of procedures through process re-engineering Provide timely
  • MIS for effective decision making.
  • Transparent & citizen friendly environment Business Intelligent application with appropriate controls against vulnerability Centralization of database Paperless hassle-free operations